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About The Instructor

        Hello! My name is Gary Zlobinskiy, and I am a student from BCA, a magnet school in NJ, and I belong to their Academy for Computer Science and Technology. My focus is machine learning and data science, specifically exploring how artificial intelligence can be used to solve incredibly complicated problems, such as climate change, pollution, poverty, war, etc. I am passionate about artificial intelligence because I believe it is one of the most powerful tools to promote human welfare that has ever been imagined.

        What really made the difference for me was that I began learning how to code very early on - at 12 years old - and I shortly after started working with a professor on CS who became my mentor and taught me adult level python programming, which surprised me because I did not know that I could learn something so complicated as such a young age. Surprisingly, children at the age of 12 or 13 are the best at coding, which is why it is incredibly important to start early.

        A student’s talent for coding needs to be brought out in a structured setting where they are supported, inspired, and encouraged. They must be guided through the process by somebody that they trust and somebody that they like to learn from.

        Learning how to code can be a life changing experience. It is both fun and for some kids, can be something that can allow them to achieve incredible things in their life and become world changing, independent creators.

        I worked on numerous artificial intelligence applications, including an app that recognizes all the food images in your refrigerator and gives you recipes to make, a machine learning model that recognizes skin cancer types and severity, and many more.

        I want to inspire other kids to feel empowered and knowledgeable to take on great challenges, and I am confident that bringing out this quality in coding camp will make a lifelong impact on your child.